Indmar 2008 Engines Get Extra Measure Of Corrosion Protection
New SpectraMATE®25 plating is providing an extra layer of protection against corrosion on Indmar's 2008 inboard engine line. The newly adopted Indmar plating process is used on all exposed engine parts such as nuts, bolts and other metal fasteners; greatly extending the life of these parts. Highly-rated in the rugged 500-hour salt spray test, SpectraMATE®25 resists corrosion on a par with most stainless steels. Unlike other coatings and platings, surface scratches do not result in significant loss of effectiveness. This extra protective layer provided by the new plating process means longer Indmar engine life in the harsh marine environment. Indmar [...]
ETX/CAT (Extreme Tuned Exhaust with Catalyst) by marine engine manufacturer Indmar Products Company, Inc. has won the 2006 IBEX Environmental Innovation Award at the recent International Boatbuilders Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) held November 1-3, 2006 in Miami Beach, Fl. ETX/CAT BY Indmar, patent pending, is the marine industry's first and only catalytic converter system for gasoline inboard/sterndrive marine engines. Its innovative "green" technology reduces exhaust emissions to less than half of the hydrocarbons (HC) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) over engines of previous years. ETX/CAT's most dramatic achievement for boater safety is its ability to reduce poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) [...]
Officials of Indmar Products Company and Steyr Motors have signed a multi-year agreement that will add one of Steyr's most popular diesels to Indmar's engine line. Chuck Rowe, president of Indmar and Steyr Motors CEO Rudolf Mandorfer made the announcement jointly. The agreement calls for Indmar to purchase, brand and sell Steyr's popular 250-hp, MO256H45 engine as the Indmar 256 Marine Diesel by Steyr. Indmar will warranty the engines and service them though its dealer network. Indmar will initially target the ski boat market, where it is the world's leading supplier of propulsion engines. "The strategic alliance with Steyr assures [...]
EPA Presents Indmar Marine Engines With Award For Innovative Marine Catalytic Converter
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) honored Indmar Products Company Inc. with a special award for developing the first production catalytic converter for inboard marine engines, ETX/CAT (Extreme Tuned Exhaust with Catalyst). The first-of-its-kind EPA award recognizes Indmar for ETX/CAT's "innovative clean emission technology". It further praises Indmar for "leadership in advancing clean catalyst technology for inboard marine engines to achieve substantial air quality benefits." The EPA award was presented by Margo Oge, Director of the EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality. Accepting the award for Indmar was Dick Rowe founder/chairman and representatives from the company's engineering team. Indmar [...]
Indmar Introduces First Production Catalyst For Inboard Engines
The Right Thing To Do: Greener. Cleaner. Safer. No Power Loss! Indmar Products Company, Inc. has announced the Industry's first production-ready catalytic converter system ETX/CAT (Extreme Tuned Exhaust with Catalyst), patent pending. Starting this summer the ETX/CAT will be standard equipment on all 2007 Indmar 5.7 Liter premium electronic fuel injected (EFI) inboard engines, according to Indmar founder Dick Rowe. A first for production gasoline marine inboard engines, the innovative Indmar technology significantly reduces exhaust emissions to less than 5 grams of combined hydrocarbons (HC) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) as required by California Air Resources Board (CARB) upcoming regulations. [...]
Two New Saltwater Series Inboard Engines Announced
Indmar has announced its two latest saltwater specific inboards, the 5.7L HO SS and the 6.0L HO SS. Both engines have fully enclosed freshwater cooling systems, multiport fuel injection and are built for saltwater applications ranging from workboats to performance runabouts, as well as smaller cruisers and sport fishermen. Savvy saltwater skippers will appreciate Indmar's extensive list of modifications and attention to detail that ensure maximum protection against the very harsh saltwater environment. For the latest in corrosion protection, marinized components are E-Coated. Unlike industry standard engine paints, E-Coating is an advanced dipping process that completely covers both exterior and [...]