Waterproof Marine Grease

Indmar Waterproof Marine Grease

Indmar’s extreme pressure waterproof marine grease is a heavy duty, premium oil based grease that is enhanced with extreme pressure additives.  Constructed with the beneficial properties of aluminum complex thickener, Indmar’s waterproof marine grease is virtually waterproof.

Indmar’s waterproof grease is formulated to provide high performance lubrication in both fresh and salt water applications.  It repels water and is an excellent seal for bushings, bearings, all chassis lubrication points and provides maximum protection against wear, rust, corrosion and water washout.


•  Universal joints, king pins, fifth wheels, wheel bearings
•  General grease lubrication
•  Boat trailer wheel bearings and bearing buddies
•  Boat lifts


•  Mechanical stability – Maintains consistency under high shear conditions
•  Extreme Pressure and anti-wear properties – Maximizes component life helping to reduce replacement part cost
•  Tack – Impact resistance and retention properties ensure bearings will remain lubricated
•  Water resistant – Excellent lubrication in the presence of water, protects bearing surfaces against corrosion
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