Dyno Lab



At Indmar, we continue to make investments to deliver our customer performance advantages while setting ourselves apart as the true market leader.  This is exactly why we have invested millions into our EPA and CARB approved Emission and Dynamometer Laboratory.

epa-logo+(2)Our EPA and CARB approved Emissions Lab really sets Indmar apart from the competition and it is the first of it’s kind to ever be constructed by a privately held company.  Unlike our competitors, we do not have to ship our product out to a third party.  We have the capability to maximize the performance of each engine in-house, retrieving emission results immediately which enables our team of engineers to tweak the performance in real time to meet and exceed government requirements.  This investment provides our customers and the end user more power, more fuel efficiency and cleaner air. Most importantly it’s great for the environment and the safety of boating families.

In addition to our Emissions Lab, we have also invested in a state-of-the-art Dynamometer Laboratory.  Our Dyno Lab provides our engineers with the unlimited testing capabilities so that they can precision tune calibrations to achieve the perfect balance of torque and horsepower required in a marine environment.  Each engine is custom tuned to provide the right blend of torque and horsepower to compliment specific boat models and hull designs while optimizing performance for every watersport discipline. These engines are literally bred to tow watersports.

Today’s watersports and towboats require a wide range of capabilities to be delivered from the engine based off the design of the particular boat that it powers.  At Indmar, we believe our customers deserve more than a one size fits all mentality.  We feel each and every boat manufacturer and individual customer deserves customized optimum performance.

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