What Our Owners Have to Say

The Raptor engines are more technologically advanced than the old school big blocks they were using. Single overhead cam vs. pushrod overhead valves means less weight, less emissions and better fuel economy! Ford has staged a triumphant comeback with Indmar!

– Glenn O.

My boat runs 5,150 lbs of ballast everyday. That is 2,850 stock plus 2,300 additional ballast and the Raptor really doesn’t even care. Take it like a champ. Even with all that weight there is power to spare.

– Kevin K.

Stoked for Indmar making more history! We have used indmar in tournaments all the way back to 1989. The best engines and best company ever! Indmar pushing the limits again with the Raptor engines!

– Wakboarding Hall of Fame

After running my new boat for 5 hours I stopped at the gas pump on the way home. I expected the pump to run for quite a while, but it clicked after only taking 9 gallons of fuel. Thanks Indmar for building the best engines on the lake!

– John B.

The Raptor kicks some major butt in these boats! It pulls HARD! I came from a 24′ with an L96 410. Ran 5,000 lbs of ballast and that motor barely handled it (actually struggled on hot days) and DRANK fuel 9+ gallons an hour and had to run a 15 x11 prop to even sniff it. Now I have a 440 Raptor pushing a 5,500 lb boat plus 5,100 lbs of ballast and it easily pulls it at 3,700 RPM with a 2775 prop. All this while doing 5 to 6 gallons per hour. It’s absolutely insane how well this motor pulls.

– Jason L.

I have extra money to take my wife out from the money I am saving in fuel. NO JOKE! The Raptor has kept me out of trouble.

– Stan K.

Love this motor in my boat! Noticable difference since made the switch to Ford. Huge actually. So pleased with the Indmar & Ford Coalition.

– Rich L.

Sweet motor! Love the new technology.

– Scott D.

I love the crank driven raw water pump! Thank you for continuing this pump with the new engines.

– Steven Y.

My Indmar went 1,400 hard hours with 3,000 lbs of ballast – surfing and wakeboarding every weekend and it’s still running strong!

– Brent F.

Awesome engine guys! Owned several boats, zero problems or down time with an Indmar.

– Tyler A.

No ballast load in the world will slow down a boat that is powered with a Raptor!

– Travis B.

The fuel burn is just icing on the cake!

– Jim D.

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