Two New Saltwater Series Inboard Engines Announced
Indmar has announced its two latest saltwater specific inboards, the...

Indmar has announced its two latest saltwater specific inboards, the 5.7L HO SS and the 6.0L HO SS. Both engines have fully enclosed freshwater cooling systems, multiport fuel injection and are built for saltwater applications ranging from workboats to performance runabouts, as well as smaller cruisers and sport fishermen.

Savvy saltwater skippers will appreciate Indmar’s extensive list of modifications and attention to detail that ensure maximum protection against the very harsh saltwater environment.

For the latest in corrosion protection, marinized components are E-Coated. Unlike industry standard engine paints, E-Coating is an advanced dipping process that completely covers both exterior and internal part surfaces, creating a permanent chemical bond between metal and paint. It will not peel or crack.

Both starter and alternator are mounted for easy access and high/dry operation. The finest in protection continues with detailed Indmar touches such as external fasteners of long lasting, high-grade stainless steel, a remote-mounted oil filter and a naval-grade, bronze crankshaft-driven water pump.

The advanced closed cooling systems are corrosion free with propylene-glycol/water coolant driven by an ultra-high-flow pump. No saltwater enters the engine cooling system. Coolant tanks are easily accessible for filling and maintenance. (Sacrificial anodes are used to protect the seawater transmission cooling system.)

Topping it all off are two major Indmar exclusive performance features. First is the Indmar-designed dual plane intake manifold that provides serious low-end torque, yet has an unusually broad power band that reaches well into the top-end range.

Second is Indmar ETX (Extreme Tuned Exhaust) performance exhaust system that adds an extra boost to both torque and horses by virtually eliminating backpressure. Made of cast aluminum, Indmar’s one-piece ETX manifolds are lightweight (saving a full 80 pounds over cast iron) and the one-piece design eliminates the need for risers. The old problem of leaking gasketed joints is gone, greatly extending the life of the part. Benefits continue as ETX manifolds are water jacketed, port tuned and astutely designed so water cannot “back flow” into the engine (as often happens with conventional exhaust systems).

The new inboards are covered by Indmar’s unsurpassed three-year limited warranty, which includes fuel and electrical systems. And, like all 2005 Indmar inboards, they are Certified Three Stars Ultra-Low Emission by California Air Resources Board 2005.

Indmar is recognized as the leader in inboard power technology and is the world’s largest, privately held manufacturer of inboard marine engines. The only marinizer offering custom engine calibration and private label engine programs, Indmar OEM customers include premier boat builders such as Malibu, MasterCraft and Skiers’ Choice Marine.

Corporate headquarters and a 100,000 square-foot manufacturing facility are located in Millington, Tenn. A sales office and 10,000 square-foot warehouse serves the West Coast in Corona, Calif. OEM’s may contact Indmar at (901) 353-9930 or on the web at

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