ETX/CAT (Extreme Tuned Exhaust with Catalyst) by marine engine manufacturer...

ETX/CAT (Extreme Tuned Exhaust with Catalyst) by marine engine manufacturer Indmar Products Company, Inc. has won the 2006 IBEX

Environmental Innovation Award at the recent International Boatbuilders Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) held November 1-3, 2006 in Miami Beach, Fl. ETX/CAT BY Indmar, patent pending, is the marine industry’s first and only catalytic converter system for gasoline inboard/sterndrive marine engines. Its innovative “green” technology reduces exhaust emissions to less than half of the hydrocarbons (HC) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) over engines of previous years. ETX/CAT’s most dramatic achievement for boater safety is its ability to reduce poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) gases by up to 98% in all part-throttle operating modes. And thanks to the system’s non-restricting “header” style exhaust, there is no engine power loss.

Indmar engines fitted with ETX/CAT meet all federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission requirements for 2008. And these are the only inboard marine engines to achieve a Four-Star, Super-Ultra-Low Emission rating by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for 2007.

“This Environmental Innovation Award for Indmar’s ETX/CAT is really a win/win for everyone; the industry, our OEM builders, boaters and the environment we all share”, said Richard C. “Dick” Rowe, Indmar founder.

The 2006 IBEX Environmental Innovation Award is organized by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA). Selection is made by a panel of seven Boating Writers International (BWI) members representing editors and writers who are experts in a variety of recreational marine technologies.

Earlier this year Indmar’s ETX/CAT was recognized by both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Coast Guard for developing the first clean catalytic marine engine, hailing it as a groundbreaking step that will take the boating industry into a new era of engine safety and offer substantial air quality benefits.

All 2007 model Indmar 5.7L Premium EFI V-8 engines feature ETX/CAT as standard equipment.

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