In order to better control the quality of our parts and our supply chain, we have also invested in an in-house Fabrication Tubular Bending Facility.  This investment has enabled our engineers to design and add more robust, durable components that hold a much tighter tolerance.  With the combination of our CAD, SLA and Tubular Bending Facility we are able to offer our customers quick turnaround times on any requested design changes.  So not only are we able to better control our processes, we can turn innovative ideas into real functioning parts in a matter of days.

The tubular bending facility is currently fabricating stainless steel waterlines, exhaust dumps, clam shell header systems, air gap headers, exhaust tubes, converter assemblies and many other components that have not only made our engines look more beefy and aesthetically pleasing, but these stainless components have also added a substantial amount of durability.  Another example of Indmar making investments to improve the process to enhance the product.

Our Tubular Bending Facility takes on a wide variety of precision tube fabrication processes from pre-cutting raw materials to final production of finished, fabricated tubular components.  We cut, bend, notch, drill and mill our tubular components and lastly we bead blast our parts for an unbeatable polished finish. Our CNC Bender allows for part design to have both tight radius bends and sweeping large radius bends or elliptical bends all within the same part.

This investment has enabled our team to produce the most intricate parts quickly and efficiently.  We are equipped to offer real solutions while providing innovative opportunities for today’s complex tube manipulation and engine design. Our tube specialists have the experience and expertise to engineer, fabricate and deliver not only Indmar parts but any project you may have in mind.

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