Strainer Pro


The Strainer Pro has integrated two products into one unit incorporating an easy garden hose connection to simplify engine flushing.  Boats owners can now protect their engine from debris and simplify aquatic invasive species (AIS) flushing and maintenance with one product instead of two.

The Strainer Pro’s space saving design optimizes flow dynamics and since there is one integrated unit instead of two; there are fewer potential leak points.

Indmar also added a radial O-ring to improve sealing capabilities and the units straight axial flow design enables water to flow more freely straight thru the strainer and reduces flow loss which provides more water to be utilized by the engine’s cooling system.

Quickly and easily install the technology on almost any inboard marine engine. The inlet fitting can be oriented 360° to best serve consumers needs.

When it’s time to strain and flush the engine, the patent-pending, permanently mounted onboard system flushes the engine easily with just one garden hose connection.  The in-line strainer allows for easier basket removal and the clear housing design provides higher visibility and encourage boat owner’s in proper usage.

The two-in-one system gives boat owner’s the ability to extend the life expectancy of their engine, clean the entire raw water-cooling circuit and adds protection when operating in lakes with heavy vegetation.

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