New Skiers Choice Assault 6.0L Inboard By Indmar
The newest addition to Skier's Choice Boats engine-line up for...
  1. The newest addition to Skier’s Choice Boats engine-line up for 2008 is the Assault 6.0L (364 CID) by Indmar. It is a new high-tech performance inboard that delivers enough power to give bulky big blocks a run for their money; all with less weight and a much smaller footprint. This new 6.0L powerplant is based on GM’s Gen IV Vortec 6000 truck engine which has a strong following in automotive circles.

The “brainpower” behind the new Assault 6.0L comes from Delphi’s most advanced ECM (Electronic Control Module) the MEFI-5 hardware/software computer system. The MEFI-5 system is custom calibrated for Skiers Choice boats by Indmar to provide maximum performance and drivability. Custom calibrating the ECM allows Indmar to match hull design requirements and the intended boat application so the boat and motor to perform as one seamless unit. This three-dimensional system precisely manages fuel, ignition and air . It is programmed to deliver the power skiers and wake boarders need, plus the classic turnkey starts, unhesitating dependability and fuel efficiency that only Indmar can delive

Assault 6.0L offers even more with Indmar’s ETC (Electronic Throttle and Cruise) system as standard equipment. The Indmar developed system allows the helm throttle control to electronically connect to the engine’s ECM. Throttle response is quick and smooth. The Indmar ETC’s cruise system is a bonus to recreational water-ski and wakeboard families.

The new 6.0L carries the Indmar 3-year limited warranty that includes fuel and electrical systems. It is certified Three Stars Ultra-Low Emissions by the California Air Resources boards (CARB) for 2008.

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