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Indmar is the first marine engine manufacturer to build catalytic...

Indmar is the first marine engine manufacturer to build catalytic converter- equipped engines in a standard production process. Indmar continues to develop the technology required for optimum performance and superior quality . Your engine was designed with the latest components that keep Indmar and your boat’s performance ahead of the competition.

One of the most important introductions involves post catalyst temperature sensors that allow the engine controller to monitor the status of the catalytic converters. These sensors are especially designed for top performance within the marine environment and deal with factors such as extreme temperatures, chemical compatibility, vibration and water. The sensors are placed in stainless steel housings for maximum life expectancy- an Indmar exclusive design. Unlike other sensors, these remain highly functional even when a small amount of water is present. Their primary function is to monitor the temperature of the catalyst and to measure catalytic performance and efficiency, allowing the boat operator to better maintain optimum effectiveness in reducing emissions. Catalyst temperatures can change drastically with changes in boat driving habits, load capacities, and environmental inputs such as altitude, air temperature and humidity. The sensor monitors the catalyst and warns the operator of any potential problems.

In order to assist the performance of the new temperature sensors, Indmar has improved and updated our Marine Electronic Fuel Injection (MEFI) controller with custom software configured exclusively for your individual boat model. Indmar’s MEFI-5 system is the result of years of refinement. We built, tested, and fine-tuned the system until we reached perfection, helping to ensure that engine performance would exceed your expectations. Features such as sequential fuel/spark, cruise control, electronic throttle, knock and misfire detection, oxygen sensors and electronic shift guarantee maximum engine control. We combined the software with the latest MEFI-5 hardware to create the ultimate controller. Now the controller not only can tell the engine how to run, but can monitor actual performance while doing so.

An additional improvement is our On Board Diagnostics Marine (OBDM) system that dramatically decreases technician analysis time in the rare event of a problem. OBDM has taken years to refine, but the outcome is a combination of the most relevant diagnostics from automotive applications as well as those important to boating’s unique operating conditions. The result is the most useful diagnostic system available in the marine environment. The format of OBDM information collected is compatible with current and proposed regulations from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Look for more groundbreaking ideas as Indmar continues to builds on its legacy of innovation and industry-leading technology.

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