Indmar Honored for Steadfast Support of Watersports
Indmar, manufacturer of marine engines, was recently honored by the...

Indmar, manufacturer of marine engines, was recently honored by the Legends Division for their steadfast support of the sport. The Legends Division is an elite group of professional water-skier’s that boast over 250 professional wins, 22 World Records and 12 World Championships featuring Andy Mapple, Bob LaPoint, Kris LaPoint and Lucky Lowe. The Legends Division was organized to help bring back recognition to the sport and to raise money for junior development.

“Back in the hay day of ESPN with 16-22 events each year around the world, Indmar was a huge supporter of the Pro Waterski Tour…behind the scenes,” explained 6 Time World Champion, Andy Mapple. “Chuck Rowe put a lot into growing the sport and it seemed fitting that Indmar be a part of the Legends Division as we try to build recognition of the sport again. The watersports industry owes a debt of gratitude to Indmar and the boat manufacturers, as well as the fans and friends who’ve followed and supported watersports all of these years.”

Industry support has provided members of the Legends the opportunity to make a career in the sport they love. Now with the Legends Division, participants can use their experiences and talent to bring hype to local events while raising money for junior development in the regions in which they compete. When the Legends division is invited to a tournament, in addition to the competition between some of the greatest names in the sport; they are able to raise money for junior development through memorabilia, auctions, coaching onsite clinics, sponsorships and awareness.

The inaugural Legends Division was recently held at the Diablo Shores Pro Am, one of the largest pro events in the world today. “It was an absolute honor to have the legends debut at the tournament and to see the response from the crowd,” explained Greg and Debbie Badal, Tournament Directors for Diablo Shores. The Legends were very successful in attracting “Baby Boomers” that used to ski and watch the sport on ESPN and other TV Networks worldwide. Many had recognized the names competing in their home town so they came on out to see arguably some of the most recognizable names ever in the sport of waterskiing. These “Baby Boomers” are now the ones with careers and young families, so it was great to see them back and excited about the sport. If you missed the Diablo Shores Pro Am check out the web cast at To learn more about the Legends Division or to invite the group to your local tournament contact [email protected] .

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