Experience the ride of your life. Test drive an Indmar...

Experience the ride of your life. Test drive an Indmar at your favorite authorized Indmar dealer and you’ll get a free t-shirt. We figure that we can tell you about our engines and our passion all day, but one ride or pull from an Indmar is the proof in the pudding! Indmar has over 500 dealers nationwide for you to choose from, so don’t take our word for it, climb on and board up.

See for yourself why Indmar consistently delivers inboard technologies that outperform and outlast competitive brands. Some say it’s a passion? We say it’s not just a deep seeded passion for boating but an obsession and a drive that good, is never enough. It’s why we were the first engine manufacturer to deliver fuel injection, custom calibrated engines and the first to produce an inboard engine with a catalyzed exhaust; which is now the industry standard.

Indmar has even pulled more world records than all other inboard engine manufacturers. So as you can see, we don’t just understand our drivers and riders we share their same obsession for boating. Trust us; we know what it’s like when you find yourself checking the weather report five times a day and heading out to the lake for a ride or a pull with no destination in mind.

Our passion for watersports and our obsession to be the best is at the core of everything we do and it’s why owners consistently rank us high in ownership satisfaction. Indmar has been awarded more (CSI) Customer Satisfaction Index awards than any other inboard manufacturer.

So go on, see for yourself why Indmar is the true leader and has sold more inboard engines than any other inboard manufacturer out there and take home one of those sweet shirts while you’re at it! Tell them, Team Indmar sent you.


Indmar is the worlds largest privately held manufacturer of gasoline powered inboard marine engines. Indmar was the first marine engine manufacturer to bring EFI to the marine market and lead the industry when began to manufacturer catalytic converter – equipped engines in a standard production process. Indmar takes pride in building marine engines for the long run manufacturing cutting edge, inboard power technologies that outperform and outlast competitive brands while providing a cleaner, greener and safer boating experience. For more information, please visit www.indmar.com.

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