All-New EcoJet by Indmar
Delivers Multi-Sport Performance and Reduced Takt and Assembly Time

Indmar is taking aim at the dominance in jet propulsion by disrupting the segment with its all-new EcoJet. The OEM inspired and consumer focused propulsion system was a showstopper at the recent Miami International Boat Show. Boat builders and consumers initial response has been overwhelming. The segment is thrilled to have a new player in jet propulsion, indicating a renaissance is underway.

For jet boat consumers itching for better multi-sport performance and boat builders looking for simplified installation and quality construction, the availability of Indmar’s eco package is a dream come true. The EcoJet by Indmar offers tangible benefits to both boat builders and consumers.

When coupled with Indmar’s all-new 2.3L EcoBoost marine engine, the lightweight compact package delivers a big punch, touting 350 lb.-ft. of torque and 310 horsepower. It is a superior eco package that is quickly becoming the envy of the jet boat segment.

“We wanted to build a propulsion package that would not only change the perception when it comes to the capability and performance of a jet boat, but also addressed boat builders challenges with current offerings,” explained Kevin Kimball, Director of Advanced Performance Engineering.

The EcoJet’s overachievements start from within, for example Indmar’s hull insert design isolates the entire jet pump in rubber. It’s acoustically dampened and thoroughly insulated to cancel out engine noise and pump vibrations. Resulting in a quieter and smoother boating experience.

A reverse bucket with lateral control has been combined with an exclusive rudder and steering nozzle to deliver class-leading maneuverability at slow speeds and on plane. Operators experience a better turning radius and ability to maneuver easily in forward or reverse. The addition of Indmar’s rudder and steering nozzle provides the boat with more than just the surface of the boat to steer. The EcoJet delivers precise handling and can maneuver both left and right, just like in an automobile.

The EcoJet has been optimized for the enthusiast driver to deliver exceptional agility, superb feedback and multi-sport performance. Its shallow draft provide stress free navigation, enabling users to safely navigate just about anywhere on the lake.

For the boat builder, Indmar’s plug and play installation procedure significantly reduces installation time of the pump and engine by up to 50%. Saving boat builders money on installation, while providing the opportunity to increase production. Indmar’s innovative design also addresses current jet pump designs that require up to 15+ leak points for installation. Indmar’s EcoJet only requires four, reducing leak points by up to 10+ locations therefore improving the quality of boat builder’s hull construction.

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