Strainer Pro Awarded NMMA & BWI Innovation Award
Indmar’s engineering team has developed a solution for their boat building partners and turned it into a market-winning product.

Indmar Marine Engines, the worlds largest privately held manufacturer of gasoline inboard marine engines was honored today for innovative achievement by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) at the 2016 Miami International Boat Show during the State of the Recreational Boating Industry Breakfast, held this morning at the Rusty Pelican within it’s Biscayne Ballroom.

Organized by the NMMA and judged by BWI, the award recognizes innovative distinction from other products currently being manufactured that benefit the marine industry and consumers; they must be cost-effective; offer practicality; and are available to consumers within 60 days of award receipt.

So what have the innovative minds of Indmar Marine Engines done to receive yet another award this year? Indmar’s engineering team has developed a solution for their boat building partners and turned it into a market-winning product. They call it the Strainer Pro, the first sea strainer with a built-in flush kit. The Strainer Pro’s integrated and innovative design enables boat owners to protect their engine from debris and simplifies aquatic invasive species (AIS) flushing and maintenance with one product instead of two.

“When one of our boat building partners came to us because the stand alone brand sea strainer was loosing a significant amount of cooling water flow per minute and leaking air because of the design characteristics, I knew our team of talented engineers could build a better solution,” explains Jason Stimmel Vice President of Engineering. “Something we would be proud for our manufacturers to install on our engines or for consumers to install on any inboard marine engine as an aftermarket part.”

As a result, Indmar’s engineering team found that by integrating the two products into one unit not only provided a practicality of use for boat owners but the two-in-one concept offered a space saving design that optimized flow dynamics, reduced potential leak points and water loss and offers a cost-effective solution at the OEM and consumer level.

“Our business can be quite complex,” said Chuck Rowe, President of Indmar Marine Engines. “However, when deconstructed, we can focus on each of the layers – client services, design technology, sustainability and an expanded product offering – so that we can successfully address the needs of today’s boat builder and boat owner.”

Let’s take a look at the design and how the Strainer Pro works.

The Patent Pending Strainer Pro’s space saving design optimizes flow dynamics and since there is one integrated unit instead of two, there are fewer potential leak points. Indmar also added an integrated O-ring to improve sealing capabilities and the units straight axial flow design enables water to flow more freely straight through the strainer and reduces flow loss which provides more water to be utilized by the engines cooling system.

Boat builders and consumers can easily and quickly install the technology on almost any inboard marine engine. The inlet fitting can be oriented 360° to best seve the consumers needs.

When it’s time to strain and flush the engine, the patent-pending, permanently mounted onboard system flushes the engine easily with just one garden hose connection. The in-line strainer allows for easier basket removal. In addition, the material selection allows for 140° hot water flush for AIS flushing and the clear housing design provides higher visibility and encourages the boat owner in proper usage.

The two-in-one system give’s boat owners the ability to extend the life expectancy of their engine, cleans the entire raw water-cooling circuit and adds protection when operating in lakes with heavy vegetation.

The Strainer Pro is available to Indmar’s boat-building partners and since the Strainer Pro can be oriented 360° and fit’s on almost any inboard marine engine, it is also available to consumers as an aftermarket part.

At the manufacturer level, Indmar’s boat building partners have been able to eliminate parts, which reduces the part numbers that have to be budgeted for, bought and stocked. Their OEM’s have also been able to reduce labor cost for installation. And for the consumer, at aftermarket level, the Strainer Pro has proven to be easier to install (time-savings) and consumers save additional money since they only have to purchase one part instead of two.

About Indmar Marine Engines

Indmar is the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of gasoline powered inboard marine engines. Indmar has a pedigree going back over 40 years in the inboard marine industry and a proud tradition of pointing the way forward. Indmar was the first inboard manufacturer to deliver fuel injection, custom calibrated engines and the first to produce an inboard engine with a catalyzed exhaust; which is now the industry standard. Today, this legendary brand delivers an inimitable mix of unrivaled performance, meticulous craftsmanship and ground breaking innovations – charting a course for others to follow, yet leaving the competition behind. Indmar operates advanced manufacturing facilities in the U.S. with distributing centers in Millington, TN and Merceed,CA. For more information, please visit

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