Introducing the Raptor 460
Indmar Marine Engines announced today the expansion of the Raptor Series portfolio to now include the Raptor 460 that boasts 453 lb.-ft. of torque.  The addition of the Raptor 460 provides consumers with another step up in performance at a great price point alternative, making the Raptor Series the most versatile and rugged suite of engines on the market.  In addition, the Raptor 460 fulfills customer demand and the void left by the larger displacement engines that are no longer produced.

The all-new Raptor 460 is built on the current Ford and Indmar platform to maximize performance and efficiency.  The 460 has raised a few eyebrows with people thinking Indmar has resurrected the old Ford 460; however this is not the case.  The Raptor 460 has less displacement; it’s lighter, more powerful and has better fuel economy than the Ford’s legacy 460.  Meaning, this is not your Grandfathers 460!

The all-new Raptor 460 is based off a proven workhorse, the Built Ford Tough® 6.2L 16-Valve SOHC V8 engine with dual-equal variable cam timing that was designed, engineered, built and torture-tested by Ford. The same state-of-the-art engine that powers the F-150 F-Series Super Duty Trucks that boast best-in-class gas horsepower, torque and max towing ratings.
The Raptor 460 features a high torque intake manifold and high horsepower throttle body borrowed from Ford’s coveted GT-350. Indmar’s engineering team topped it off with free flowing tuned 5” exhaust and a patent-pending inline spiral flow muffler.  Low backpressure and an LED lighted cover are just a few of the features added to this edition of the Wake and Jet Raptor Series 460.  The Jet Series has been designed with a single point drain and is available with the following jet options:  Hamilton, American Turbine, Berkeley, Dominator, Legend, Kodiak and Scott Water Jets.
With five engine configurations, the dual performing and 4x Award Winning Best-in-Class Raptor Series has the durability and capability to accommodate all your boating activities on a wide variety of vessels. The Raptor series dual personality has the adaptability to meet the demands of the most unforgiving marine conditions. From conquering the most challenging and demanding white water rapids and the gnarliest Pro Tour Tournaments to the average watersports family – What ever your boating vice may be, there is a Raptor by Indmar that is the perfect fit for your size boat and activity.
The Raptor Series continues to stand apart from the competition. From the not so standard base engine with best-in-class torque, horsepower and fuel efficiency to the heavy weight champ they call the ROUSHcharged Raptor 575, consumers will find each engine in the series was built on a foundation engineered to last and backed with a full 5-year Factory Warranty—Indmar’s commitment to the quality, durability and reliability of the all-new Raptor Series.

Here are a few of the Raptor Series advantages:

Best-in-class torque and horsepower at lower rpm ranges (2,500-3,500). The 6.2L Raptor Series is the result of purpose driven engineering designed to provide more torque where you need it to allow for increased loading of boats. Experience faster acceleration, less time to plane, reduced wear-and-tear and better fuel economy.

Our computer controlled sequential firing multiport EFI system coupled with the additional control of wide-band air/fuel sensors and dual spark plugs makes for a leaner running engine which equates to better fuel economy and lower emissions. More time on the water and less time at the pump.


Helps maintain consistent engine temperatures contributing to better fuel economy and performance. Also prevents crank case condensation, ultimately eliminating corrosion leading to a longer engine life. Provides improved cabin heater performance.

Provides for more efficient combustion leading to increased fuel economy, reliability, cleaner emissions and more power per liter displaced.  Time proven and aviation grade.

Designed to optimize oil pick-up at steep boat angles and high G turns. The purpose built marine oil pan takes away the worry of oil starvation by controlling how the oil moves around while towing all watersport disciplines.


In efforts to make boating easier for the driver, we have added a suite of monitoring systems that enables the high-capacity ECM to reduce operator workload, as well as react precisely to driver commands, we call it the Raptor Performance Management System (RPM).


The overhead cam engine design coupled with a cast iron engine block and exhaust manifolds makes for an engine that runs smoother and quieter. Experience a smooth purr instead of loud engine that prevents you from being able to hear one another when on the boat.


The combination of high-strength cast iron manifolds and our ultra quiet stainless steel tubular catalyzed exhaust is better at containing heat allowing the catalyst to perform with greater efficiency producing exhaust emissions that are better than the required 4 star rating.

The standard closed cooling system makes winterization a snap with self-draining manifolds and fewer components requiring water drain. With our easily accessible remote mounted oil filter, quick-drain oil system and hi-mounted oil fill, routine maintenance is painless. Our hi-mounted alternator, flame arrestor and fuse/relay box are not only easily accessible at the top of the engine but are under the engine’s beauty cover for extra protection. Dual, long-life spark plugs, not only improve combustion but also extend the spark plug service life to 300 hours.
Our 5-step state-of-the-art paint process, e-coated components and special coatings on non-paintable components keep the outside of the engine looking like new. The inside is protected by a standard, anode protected closed cooling system so there is no contact with corrosive environments. Components that do come in contact with corrosive environments are made of brass, copper stainless steel or cast iron to ensure longevity.


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