By the NMMA and BWI in the Inboard Category
  • First and only emissions certified catalyzed supercharged inboard available in its segment
  • First to integrate ROUSH Performance supercharging technology into a marine engine, introducing ROUSH to the marine industry for the very first time
  • Most torque ever offered in a towboat
  • Features a non-traditional catalyst exhaust system that is the most compact catalyst exhaust available and delivers the lowest emissions for a catalyzed supercharged engine in it’s segment
  • More fuel efficiency than comparable supercharged offerings in it’s segment
  • Innovative features benefit the end user by making boating easier from operation to service 

Indmar Marine Engines, the worlds largest privately held manufacturer of gasoline inboard marine engines was honored today for innovative achievement by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show during the State of the Recreational Boating Industry Breakfast, held this morning at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Organized by the NMMA and judged by BWI, the award recognizes innovative distinction from other products currently being manufactured that benefit the marine industry and consumers; they must be cost-effective; offer practicality; and are available to consumers within 60 days of award receipt.

So what does the ROUSHCHarged Raptor 575 by Indmar have to offer that the others don’t?  For one, it is the first emissions certified catalyzed inboard to bring ROUSH Performance supercharging technology to the marine industry and it produces the most torque ever offered in a towboat; revolutionizing how boat builders will build new models from this point forward.

The innovative minds at Indmar spent more than 3-years, over 5,400 hours in extreme lab, durability and open water testing to deliver a breakthrough engine that will forever change the towed-watersports segment.  The all-new ROUSHCharged Raptor 575 provides innovative features that benefit the end user by making boating easier from operation to service and it’s backed with a 5-Year factory warranty.  It has more power that’s not only stronger, but also cleaner and more fuel-efficient than comparable supercharged offerings in its segment.

Indmar’s engineering team was able to marinize a block engineered for towing, Ford’s F-Series Super Duty® 6.2L.  However, in order to custom build a towsport specific inboard and adapt a block with overhead cams and dual plugs to the marine market, Indmar collaborated with wake and ski experts to design innovative towsport specific components to optimize, protect and adapt the engine to the rugged demands of watersports.

They also designed a superior non-traditional catalyst exhaust system that delivers the lowest emissions for a catalyzed supercharged engine in it’s segment, resulting in a safer, smoother and quieter boating experience. Then, they topped it off with high torque at low rpm ranges to provide torque where and when tow boats need it allowing for faster time to plane and increased loading.  But they didn’t stop there; they also added a suite of monitoring systems and intelligent components that make boating easier for the driver by constantly monitoring the driver’s conditions and driver input to optimize the performance and efficiency of the engine while adding an extra layer of protection. To learn more about the ROUSHCharged Raptor 575, go to

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